Are you ready to LEAD?

Why don't women:

  • apply for that amazing job even when they may not qualify for 100% of the job requirements? The guys do it...
  • ask for the money they're worth? The guys do it...
  • resist saying 'yes' when they're asked (again) to take the meeting notes? Hmmm...the guys aren't usually asked, right?

The LAST thing I'm saying is to be like the guys, but I AM saying that, as women, we are entitled to the same prospects, salary levels, etc. as our male colleagues. 

Women are all too familiar with the challenges they face to achieve their professional goals, like gender bias, lack of opportunities, etc. 

But what you may NOT be aware of are some of the ways YOU could be contributing to your own career challenges:

  • You may have long-held limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, like 'I don't deserve it' or 'I'm not good enough.'
  • You may have a tendency to 'people please;' you believe that everyone else's needs should come before yours.
  • You may not know what YOU really want; many of your life choices may have been driven by what someone else said you 'should' do.
  • You question whether or not you earned that new project or promotion; what if 'they' figure out that you're a fraud?

Guess what? This is actually GOOD NEWS! Many of these obstacles are within your control to change...

So, what if…

  • you could identify and dispel the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from achieving your professional goals
  • you had tools to deal with the daily pressures that many professional women experience
  • you had the self-awareness to identify YOUR career goals and aspirations, and an action plan to achieve them

One way to regain your focus and get you on the road to achieving your goals is to start building your self-awareness skills. Developing our self-awareness helps us to get clear on what inspires us, energizes and drains us, and how our disempowering stories are keeping us stuck.

Self-awareness is the first of six (6) building blocks of our Self-Leadership model. Self-Leadership is about having a strong sense of who you are so you can have the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to achieve the results you want.

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So...are you ready to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to have the personal and professional life you want? 
It's time to LEAD:

L - leverage your Emotional Intelligence; women have an intuitive ability to lead...they just need to tap into it!
E - engage your support network; being a powerful leader in ALL areas of our lives means empowering others to show up in their genius.
A - Clearly articulate your value; increased self-awareness creates a language for communicating who you are and what you offer.
D - declare your commitment to showing up as an INSPIRING and EMPOWERING leader for yourself and others.

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“...As a coach, Camille excels at getting to the core issues with laser sharp insight devoid of judgment. She is articulate, an excellent listener and operates at a level of tremendous integrity. I greatly appreciate her use of humor to effectively lighten those moments when one is struggling to keep track of the big picture.”

--- Claudine M.